Top five excuses for missing the train

Its a pretty humiliating experience missing a train. Its even more humiliating explaining that to someone. But fear not. Presented below are some excuses that should hopefully endure the rigours of time. While some of them may be perfectly acceptable, the others might border genius.

  • The first excuse for missing the train is that there is no excuse for missing the train.
  • Geet did it. Twice. On the same day. With the same train. I have only missed once.
  • The station has something like 27 platforms. And then, at the last minute, they switched platforms from number 1 to number 42. Can you imagine?
  • I tell you, it was a smart decision. The Maoists would have either blown up the tracks, or the government would have asked the trains to crawl along. I can walk faster than that.
  • I was able to dispatch it. But Balayya never taught me how to call the train back.

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