Fuel shortages and foresightedness

The representatives of the water cooler discussion the other day included three young, bright and enterprising engineers [one being yours truly] and the topic, while being not centered around anything in specific, eventually veered towards the then impending truckers strike called for by the Federation of Karnataka State Lorry Owners and Agents Association. While not going into the sensibilities of the move by the federation, we were mourning over the wide spread effects of despair and angst that would be subject upon common people like us due to the shortage of essential commodities. It exactly typified the sort of conversations that involve a set of well intentioned invididuals who think the world could be a much better place if only so and so were not like so and so. Conversations meant to be blogged about, in short and left at that.

One keen observation that came up was regarding the snaking lines at petrol pumps consisting of harried motorists wanting to fill up before the strike would catch them unawares along with their vehicles fuel thirsty on the roads. The conversationists came up with contingency plans to counter the fuel threats since the strike was threatened to be ‘indefinite’ and the said members of the conversation were chronic motorists.

One of the trinity simply said that he could walk over from his house to the office since he happened to be resident at a neighbourhood that was within acceptable walking distance. The other two acknowledged the smart position he was in while the second piped in that he was in posession of a bicycle that he could utilize to cycle to work. Smiles beaming, he was commended for his efforts at locomotion in spite of grave and fatal dangers posed by other fellow motorists. The third commented that he was in possession of a bottle of fuel at home that he could fall back on in case dire circumstances presented themselves. His measures at beating the game were highly admired by the other two before the conversation eventually broke up.

A keen insight to make out of this is that the first two silently registered the fact the third was in possession of a valuable commodity that could measure its weight in gold when need arose. Each made a mental note of consuming a portion of the fuel in case an emergency forced either of them to knock on the door of the extremely foresighted third person. i hope that eventually leaves something back for the original owner of the fuel.

i also certainly hope that the information has not been leaked out beyond the immediate vicinity where the conversation was held. It would be a real shame to see every motorist in Bengaluru joining a snaking line outside the third conversationist’s house laying a claim on a portion of the precious fuel he possessed.

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